Sunday, February 20, 2011

Books I read in 2010

Testimony-Sherve(two stars)
Art of keeping secrets-Henry(three stars)
Windless Summer-Sharfeddin(two stars)
Not my daughter-Delinsky(three stars)
Accidental Bestseller-Wax(three stars)
All we ever wanted-Brown(four stars)
While my sister sleeps-Delinsky(four stars)
Secret between us-Delinsky(three stars)
Bird in hand-Kline(five stars)
Fearless-Lucado(three stars)
Hold Tight-Coben(three stars)
Look Again-Scottoline(five stars)
Into the deep-Rogers(five stars)
Pieces of happily ever after-Zutell(three stars)
Big Girl-Steel(two stars)
House Rules-Picoult(three stars)
Baby Proof-Giffin(three stars)
Secret Life of cee cee wilkes-Chamberlain(five stars)
Hannahs list-Macomber(five stars)
Still Alice-Genova(four stars)
Salem Falls-Picoult(four stars)
Battlefield of the mind-Meyer(five stars)
Mountain between us-Martin(four stars)
The Accident-Steel(four stars)
Another Summer-Bockoven(five stars)
Life without summer-Griffin(five stars)
Fly me to the moon-Noel(four stars)
Plain Truth-Picoult(four stars)
Sometimes Mine-Moody(two stars)
The Reader-Schlink(three stars)
Tenth Circle-Picoult(two stars)
Hour I first believed-Lamb(five stars)
Sea Escape-Griffin(two stars)
Thin rich pretty-Harbinson(two stars)
Wednesday Letters-Clayton(two stars)
Summer People-Hilderbrand(four stars)
Adam-Dekker(five stars)
Have a new you by friday-Leman(three stars)
Intervention-Blackstock(five stars)
Between Friends-Kiernan(five stars)

41 books

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