Sunday, February 20, 2011

Books I Read in 2008

Shopaholic and baby-Kinsella (five stars)
Slow Moon-Cox (three stars) 
Cocktails for three-Wickman (five stars)
Accidental Mother-Coleman (five stars)
Power of a positive woman-Ladd (three stars)
Getting Maried-Alan(four stars)
Knitting Circle-Hood(two stars)
Grand Avenue-Fielding(five stars)
Whisphers and Lies-Fielding(five stars)
Toxic Bachelors-Steel(five stars)
Paper Marriage-Law(one star)
Sisters-Steel(five stars)
Conflict Free Living-Meyer(five stars)
Daddy-Steel(five stars)
Shoe Addicts Annonymus-Harbinson(five stars)
Power of a positive wife-Ladd(three stars)
Year of the fog-Richmond(three stars)
Exes and ohs-Kendrick(three stars)
Back Roads-O'Dell(two stars)
Bungalow 2-Steel(five stars)
Breakdown Lane-Mitchard(one star)
My best friends girl-Koomson(five stars)
Light on snow-Shreve(five stars)
Power of a praying woman-Omartian(three stars)
Girl from the south-Trollope(two stars)
Not quite a bride-Swayer(four stars)
A woman after gods own heart-George(three stars)
Fashionably late-Kendrick(four stars)
Spa Vacation-Alan(five stars)
Slightly Suburban-Markham(five stars)
Kalediscope-Steel(five stars)
Woman next door-Delinsky(four stars)
Wednesday Letters-Wright(four stars)
Irrestible forces-Steel(five stars)
Secret to true happiness-Meyer(five stars)
Power of a womans words-Jaynes(two stars)
Tuscan Holiday-Chamerlin(five stars)
Nights in Rodanthe-Sparks(five stars)
Next thing on my list-Smolinski(four stars)
Off the menu-San(four stars)
Once upon a day-Tucker(four stars)
Thing about Jane Spring-Krum(three stars)
Just enough light-Omartian(four stars)
Lucky One-Sparks(five stars)
Fishbowl-Mlynowski(four stars)
Another mothers life-Coleman(four stars)
Say When-Berg(three stars)
Pre nup-Kendrick(three stars)
Sweet Life-King(four stars)
Smart one pretty one-Kendrick(four stars)
Milk Run-Mlynowski(five stars)
Last beach bungalow-Nash(two stars)

53 books in 2008

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