Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book I read in 2007

In 2007 I decided to start a journal of all the books I read- so here is the list of 2007:

Dating Game- Steel (2 stars)
Tuesday's With Moorie- Albom (3 stars)
For one more day-Albom(3 stars)
Solomon Sisters Wise Up-Senate(5 stars)
Lighting-Steel(5 stars)
Can you keep a secret-Kinsella(5 stars)
Confessions of a shopaholic-Kinsella (5 stars)
Shopaholic takes Manhattan-Kinsella(5 stars)
Shopaholic ties the knot-Kinsella(5 stars)
Shopaholic and sister-Kinsella(5 stars)
House-Dekker and Peretti(3.5 stars)
Three-Dekker and Peretti(4 stars)
90 minutes in heaven-Piper(3.5 stars)
Ranch-Steel(4 stars)
So much for my happy ending-Davis(3 stars)
Knitting under the influence-Lazebnik(4 stars)
House on hope street-Steel(4 stars)
Angel Falls-Hannah(5 stars)
Once in a lifetime-Steel(3 stars)
Sunflower-Evans(5 stars)
On mystic lake-Hannah(3.5 stars)
Break up Club Senate(4 stars)
Little white lies-Lyles(5 stars)
Roommates-Lyles(4 stars)
First comes love-Lyles(4 stars)
When in rome-Townley(4 stars)
Swapping lives-Green(4 stars)
Babyland-Chamberlin(1 star)
The Rescue-Sparks(5 stars)
Once upon a nervous breakdown-Sanchez(5 stars)
The Guardian-Sparks(5 stars)
Slightly Married-Markham(5 stars)
Bend in the road-Sparks(5 stars)
Bed Rest-Blison(2 stars)
Mommy Tracked-Gaskell(5 stars)
Nine months in August-Bourgoin(3.5 stars)
Hopeless romantic handbook-Townley(4 stars)
Distant Shores-Hannah(2 stars)
She, myself and I-Gaskell(3 stars)
The Choice-Sparks(5 stars)
Frenemies-Crane(5 stars)
Suzannes diary for nicholas-Patterson(5 stars)
Sams letters to Jennifer-Patterson(5 stars)
Approval Addiction-Meyer(5 stars)
Managing your emotions-Meyer(5 stars)
Confident Woman-Meyer(5 stars)
Testing Kate-Gaskell(5 stars)
Nearlyweds-Kendrick(5 stars)
I Dare you-Meyer(5 stars)
Family Tree-Delinsky(3.5 stars)
Last Light-Blackstock(5 stars)
Amazing Grace-Steel(3 stars)

Altogether I read 53 books in 2007.  

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