Sunday, February 20, 2011

Books I read in 2009

Open House-Berg(three stars)
Multiple Blessings-Gosselin(five stars)
Good Things-King(five stars)
Flirting with forty-Porter(four stars)
The Shack-Young(five stars)
Unlikely Angel-Smith(five stars)
Butterfly Garden-St Clair(three stars)
My Sisters Keeper-Picoult(five stars)
Fireproof-Wilson(five stars)
The Diary-Goudge(three stars)
Beach House-Bockoven(five stars)
Beach House-Green(five stars)
Something Borrowed-Giffin(three stars)
Moon shell beach-Thayer(five stars)
Still Life-Fielding(five stars)
Friends we keep-Chamberlin(four stars)
Courage Tree-Chamberlain(five stars)
Driftwood Summer-Henry(four stars)
Handle with care-Picoult(five stars)
Acts of love-Litsfield(two stars)
Mommy by accident-Coleman(four stars)
Matters of faith-Kiernan(four stars)
Misery Loves Carbernet-Gruenefieder(four stars)
One day at a time-Steel(three stars)
Soething blue-Giffin(three stars)
Midwives-Bohjalian(three stars)
Little earthquakes-Weiner(five stars)
Where the river ends-Martin(three stars)
Bufflehead Sisters-Delons(two stars)
Last Song-Sparks(four stars)

Best Friends-Weiner(four stars)
Hope in a jar-Harbinson(three stars)
Still growing-Cameron(five stars)
Week in december-Chamberlin(two stars)
Nineteen minutes-Picoult(five stars)
Night Light-Blackstock(five stars)
True Light-Blackstock(five stars)
Dawns Light-Blackstock(five stars)
Crazy Love-Chan(four stars)
Mercy-Picoult(five stars)
Perfect Picture-Picoult(three stars)
Cinderella Pact-Stohmeyer(two stars)
Home Safe-Berg(two stars)
Trans sister radio-Bohjalian(three stars)
Change of heart-Picoult(four stars)

46 books

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