Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book # 8 of 2012

Title: Bright Side of Disaster
Author: Catherine Center
Chapters: 32
Pages: 245
Date Start: 3/15/2012
Date End: 3/26/12
Stars: 3

Book was so-so.  The only way that I would recommend this book is if they went to the library or borrowed it from someone.  There were many parts that dragged and could have been left out. 
Jenny is about to have a baby with her soon to be husband, when he decides this is not what he wants and leaves and never comes back.  SO Jenny takes care of the baby by herslef and then enters the cute new neighbor and sparks begin to fly.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book # 7 of 2012

In A Heartbeat
Rosalind Noonan
Pages: 497
Chapters: 94
Date Start: 2-24-12
Date End: 3-14-12
One Star

Book started out good and then a little more than half way i got bored with it.  To me it began to drag.  Ben was an all star baseball player for his school.  Then while he is sleeping someone beats him into a coma with a bat but no one knows who or why someone would do that.  I did not end up finding out who did it, I got to bored. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book # 6 of 2012

Cathy Glass
339 Pages
34 Chapters (plus epilogue)
Date Started: 2-12-12
Date Ended: 2-19-12
Four Stars

WOW!!! What an amazing story.  Glass has been fostering children for years and then along comes little Jodie.  Jodie was in over fifty foster cares because no one could handle her- that is until she meets Glass.  Glass has so much patience and love to give to Jodie.   And Glass does not give up on her.  Parts of the book are graphic of what happened to Jodie as a child but you feel for her and just want to reach out and hug her. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book #5 of 2012

Night Road
Kristin Hannah
385 pages
27 Chapters
Start Date: 2-2-12
End Date: 2-11-12
Five Stars

This was one of Hannah's best.  Night Road was very fast paced and hard to put down.  One stupid mistake changes the life for one young girl, a family, and an unborn child.  How far will someone go to forgive and to be able to move on?  This book will keep you up late at night pondering what will happen next and leaving you with wanting more. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Book #4 of 2012

Christmas Wedding
James Patterson
266 pages
64 Chapters (plus prologue and epilogue)
Start Date: 1-31-2012
End Date 2-2-2012
Five Stars

This book was AMAZING.  I could not put it down, as you can see I read it in 3 days.  Gabby is getting remarried after her husband passed away three years ago.  Gabby wants to do this on Christmas Day and she wants to invite her children and their spouses, children, and what not.  But she will not say who she is marrying until it is time to walk down the isle.  This was a very moving book and I would read it again. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So Far In 2012

So far in 2012 I have read three books ( I am so behind)

The first one was:
Sing You Home: Jodi Picoult
Pages: 466
Start Date: 12-25-2011
Finished Date: 1-11-2012
Five Stars

I did not want this book to end.  This was told in three different voices: Zoe, Max, and Vanessa.  Zoe and Max are happily married (well sort of)- one thing is missing and that is a baby in the mix.  Trying and failing each and every time, the couple turns to different alternatives, such as IVF.  Zoe does get pregnant but ends up having a miscarriage.  Zoe wants to try again- considering there are eggs left from the IVF, but Max does not want to.  So much tension arises that they get divorced, and Zoe finds love in a whole new direction.  What happens when frozen eggs take two couples to court and turns into a battle.  Sing You Home will leave you thinking and wanting more from this book. 

The second book I read: 
The Things That Keep Us Here: Carla Buckley
Chapters: 57 (plus epilogue) 
Pages: 404
Date Start: 1-10-2012
Date End: 1-20-2012
Two Stars

This was very slow at first and did not pick up until the half way point.  There were times when I wanted to just put this book down, but something kept me hanging on.  This story hits home because it is one of those things that can happen.  A pandemic of the bird flu hit all across the world, people are dying, there is no electricity due to a snow storm, there is no way to get to a store, hospital or anything.  How does this one family survive, or do they?  Worth reading, but not worth buying.  Get a copy at the library. 

The third book I read: 
Girl's Guide To Being Homeless: Briana Karp
Pages: 336
Chapters: 24 (plus prologue and epilogue)
Date Start: 1-24-2012
Date End: 1-31-2012
Five stars

This memoir about one girls journey of being homeless is very insightful.  She had a very bad childhood (mentally, physically, and emotionally) regardless of what Karp was going through, she kept a very positive attitude and never gave up.  Fantastic book and a very quick read. This book also makes you look at your life and examine it closely and you realize that things are not as bad as they seem. 

Books I Read In 2011

If you lived here: Lazebnik (4 stars)
Family Affair: Crane (4 stars)
Not Without Hope: Schulyer (5 stars)
Left Neglected: Genova (5 stars)
Before the Storm: Chamberlain (5 stars)
Secrets She Left Behind: Chamberlain (5 stars)
Pictures of You: Leavitt (4 stars)
Vicious Cycle: Blackstock (5 stars)
Escape Artist: Chamberlain (2.5 stars)
Safe Haven: Sparks (5 stars)
Mini Shopaholic: Kinsella (4.5 stars)
Department of Lost and Found: Scotch (3.5 stars)
Dewey: Myron (5 stars)
Piece of Cake: Brown (5 stars)
Secrets of Eden' Bohjalian (3.5 stars)
Winter Garden: Hannah(1 star)
The Wishing Tree: Shors (2 stars)
Dirty Secret: Scholl (5 stars)
Sarah's Key:DeRosnay (5 stars)
Without A Map: Hall (5 stars)
Falling Home: White (5 stars)
Oxygen: Casella (5 stars) 
Family Ties: Steel (5 stars)
Glass Castle: Walls (1 star)
Memory Daughters Keeper: Edwards (1 star)
Fear Fighters: Franklin (4 starts)
Summer Friends: Chamberlin (3.5 stars)
Happiness Sold Separately: Winston (4 stars)
Never Give Up: Meyer (5 stars)
Eternal On The Water: Monniger (3 stars)
Power Thoughts: Meyer (5 stars)
One Month To Live: Shook (5 stars)