Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book # 6 of 2012

Cathy Glass
339 Pages
34 Chapters (plus epilogue)
Date Started: 2-12-12
Date Ended: 2-19-12
Four Stars

WOW!!! What an amazing story.  Glass has been fostering children for years and then along comes little Jodie.  Jodie was in over fifty foster cares because no one could handle her- that is until she meets Glass.  Glass has so much patience and love to give to Jodie.   And Glass does not give up on her.  Parts of the book are graphic of what happened to Jodie as a child but you feel for her and just want to reach out and hug her. 


  1. This book is very similar to One Child by Tory Hayden. She is a special education teacher who teaches children after coming from horrific conditions. The one child Hayden connected with the most is Shelia; who is similar to the girl in Glass's book.

  2. Good book. I have since read some of her others. Torey Hayden is great too.