Sunday, January 9, 2011

Review-If you lived here, you'd be home by now-LaZebnik

An upbeat fun story about love, regrets, and starting over.  The main character, Rickie is a fun fear-less, does not care what other people think type of person.  Rickie is a single mom, raising her only son Noah while living in her parent's home.  Rickie's mom does not approve of how she lives and dresses and acts but she does not care- she is who she is and if you do not like it then scram. Her main focus is Noah, and giving him the best life possible.  Both are complete outcasts and do not fit in, but that does not stop them from living to the fullest.  
New loves, old loves, and finding out what true love really is. This book has got it all. 

4 stars. 

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  1. I am super excited because thanks to you I am the new owner of this book! :) lol

    It is on the list!