Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fave Books

In 2007 I started to write down all the books I read in a year- the most I have ever read was 58 books.  I am trying to reach 75 in 2011 but I do not see that happening- but one never knows.  Here is a list of my all time favorite books from 2007-now.

Can you keep a secret: Kinsella
Shaopaholic Series: Kinsella
House on hope Street: Steel
Sunflower: Evans
Swapping Lives: Green
The Rescue: Sparks
The Guardian: Sparks
Bend in the road: Sparks
Mommy Tracked: Gaskell
The Choice: Sparks
Suzannes diary for Nicholas: Patterson
Sams letters to Jennifer: Patterson
Nearlyweds: Kendrick
FAmily Tree: Delinsky
Cocktails for three: Wickman
Accidental Mother:Coleman
Getting Married: Alan
First Time: Fielding
Grand Avenue: Fielding
Whispers and Lies: Fielding
Toxic Bachhelors: Steel
Sisters: Steel
Year of the fog: Richmond
Back ROads: O'dell
Bungalow 2: Steel
My best friends girl: Koomson
Light on snow: Sherve
Not quite a bride: Swayer
Spa Vacation: Alan
Kalediscope: Steel
Wednesday Letters: Wright
Irrestible Forces: Steel'
Tuscan Holiday: Chamberlin
Nights in Rodanthe: Sparks
Off the menu: San
Once upon a day: Tucker
Lucky One: Sparks
Another mothers life: Coleman
Say When: Berg
Pre Nup: Kendrick
Sweet Life; King
Open House: Berg
Good Things: King
Flirting with forty: Porter
Firefly Lane: Hannah
The Shack: Young
Unlikely Angel: Smith
My Sisters Keeper: Picoult
Fireproof: Wilson
The Diary: Goudge
Beach House:Green
Beach House: Bockoven
Moon Shell Beach: Thayer
Still Life: Fielding
Friends We Keep: Chamberlin
Courage Tree: Chamberlain
Drifwood Summer: Henry
Handle with care: Picoult
Mommy by accident: Coleman
Matters of faith: Kiernan
Midwives: Bohjalain
Little Earthquakes: Weiner
WHere the river ends: MArtin
Last Song: Sparks
Best friends: Weiner
Hope in a jar: Weiner
Still Growing: Cameron
Night Light Series: Blackstock (4 books)
Mercy: Picoult
Change of heart: Picoult
Testimony: Shereve
Art of keeping secrets: Henry
Not my daughter: Delinsky
Accidental Bestseller: Wax
All we ever wanted: Brown
While my sister sleeps: Delinsky
Secret Between Us: Delinsky
Bird in hand: Kline
Look Again: Scottoline
Into the deep:Rogers
House Rules: Picoult
Secret Life of CeCe Wilkes: Chamberlain
Hannahs list: Macomber
Still Alice: Genova
Salem Falls: Picoult
Mountain Between Us: Martin
Another SUmmer: Bockoven
Life without summer: Griffin
Plain Truth:Picoult
Hour I first believed: Lamb
Summer People: Hilderbrand
Intervention: Backstock
Between Friends: Kiernan

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