Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Review

Not without hope- Nick Schulyer

This is by far a five star plus book.  A true story about four NFL players stranded at sea after a fishing boat flipped during a bad storm.  Stranded in ice cold salt water with no food and no water. High waves end up drifting these men further and further away from any type of civilization.  All they have is hope and each other.  This is a story about strength, courage, and survival.  This story will break your heart as you read what they went through.  Nick, the only survivor describes in amazing detail what they were going through.  You can feel how cold the water is and you can feel yourself on the waves.
This goes to show you that you have only one life to live and it can end without warning. 

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  1. I'm excited to read this. When you first gave it to me, I had mixed feelings, but figured I would read it anyway. However, your review really makes me want to read it! Thanks :)